Saint Januarius Education Committee

The role of the education committee, as described in the by-laws of the pastoral council, is to provide for the teaching of Christian Doctrine at all levels. The committee provides support and assists the CCD director in the operation of the religious education program. Duties include but are not limited to providing the program with the resources needed to fulfill its mission, providing for the set up and maintenance of classrooms, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.


Diana Bullick – CCD Director
Linda Verbanets –  Social Director
Adele Trerice – Children’s Mass

Class Schedule 2016-2017

6 Teacher Meeting
18 First Day of Class
25 CCD Class and Mass
2 CCD Class
9 CCD Class
16 CCD Class
23 CCD Class & Best Attendance Treat
30 CCD Class
November :
6 CCD Class & Mass (Gr 3&7 Serve)
13 CCD Class
18 Jesus and Jammies
20 CCD Class
23 Family Thanksgiving Mass
24  Thanksgiving
27  No Class
December :
4 CCD Class + visit with St. Nicholas; Penance gr. 3 & 4
11 CCD Class + Penance gr. 5 & 8
18 CCD Class + treat + Penance gr. 6 & 7
25 Merry Christmas
8  CCD Class Resumes
15 CCD Class
21 Bird Feeder Activity
22 CCD Class & Best Attendance Treat
29 CCD Class & Mass, (gr 2&6 serve)
5 CCD Class
12 CCD Class, Visit Concordia
19 Snow Make Up Day
26 CCD Class
1 Ash Wednesday
5 CCD Class and Best Attendance Treat
12 CCD Class & Mass (gr K,4,5 Serve)
19 CCD Class and Penance gr 5&*
26 CCD Class and Penance gr 3&4
2 CCD Class and Penance gr 6&7
9 CCD Class and Easter Egg Hunt
16 Easter Sunday
22 Gr 2 Reconciliation
23 Last Day of CCD; treat
29 Gr 2 retreat at St. Jan
30 First Holy Communion
May 14 Gr 2 May Crowning

Class Time:
Classes are held on Sunday Mornings from 8:45 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. Please plan to have your child arrive a few minutes early so We may start classes promptly.

If there is a need to cancel a class due to weather or any other Reason.

Students are expected to attend classes on a regular basis. Students should not miss more than four of the scheduled Classes. Students will be required to complete makeup Assignments at home for any classes missed. If a student Has five or more absences, they will not be advanced to the next Grade level. A student in a class preparing to receive a Sacrament with five or more absences will not be permitted To make that Sacrament. If your child needs to miss a class, Please notify the teacher in writing.

Mass Attendance:
Students are expected to attend Mass on a regular Basis. Mass is an important part of Catholic life, And as such, we expect to see the children at Mass as Well as in class.

There will be a fee this year for CCD $45.00 for one Child per family and $60.00 for two or more per family.

Teacher Contact:
Communication between teachers and parents is very Important. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher With questions or concerns.


KINDERGARTEN: Susan Farabaugh / Danielle Farabaugh (aide)
FIRST GRADE: Dolly O’Connell / BJ Campbell (aide)
SECOND GRADE: Nancy Golubski / Karen Murphy (aide)
THIRD GRADE: Mr. & Mrs. Pribozie / Marlene D’Achille (aide)
FOURTH GRADE: Ruth Jantz & Carrie Rubino / Rachel Valotta (aide)
FIFTH GRADE: Michele Joyce / Angela Campbell (aide)
SIXTH GRADE: Tom Griffin
SEVENTH GRADE: Debbie Brinker / Marissa Lynch (aide)
EIGHTH GRADE: Bub Joyce / Kim Tamburri (aide)